Thursday, April 24, 2003

European Whirl - Day 15

April 24th

Paris … Camping Du Tremblay

Glad to leave for London. It was not that I didn’t enjoy the trip, I enjoyed it very much, but I was tired, longed for a static life now ^.^ We leaved Paris at 8. The traffic was very bad that morning. But we still managed to be at Calais before the 1:45 ferry departed.

On the way, Kristy handed out the questioner. I checked ‘very satisfied’ for almost all criteria for Craig and Kristy. But for the meal and campsite, the middle boxed were enough. The meals were so so, the campsites were always too far from the city center. Well, it’s a cheaper tour, what more could we expected? But it’s good for me. Now I know what was campsite … in case someday someone asked me to deign one ^.^

Then Kristy talked about the tipping. I could accept it, but I didn’t like they way she said it. She said we had to give 2 Euro per person per day, which means another 60 Euro for both of them, while in the Contiki brochure it was 2 Euro per passenger, and it was written, “It’s not a compulsory. It’s up to you.” So I didn’t give the amount she asked, although they did do a very good job. I had not enough Euro left anyway.

clip_image002clip_image004I saw quite unique telephone booths, unique for me, along the highway. It seemed that they used solar cell. I don’t know how they worked though; they all looked cute in orange with a little antenna on top. I saw many solar cell used for lights on the highway at Holland, Austria and German before, but not for telephone booth.

We arrived at London Royal Hotel at around 5 instead of 4 as planned, due to the traffic jam. Kristy and Craig busy showing people how to go here or there around London. People was hugging and promising to call each other. It’s quite sad to say “good bye” to my almost 14 nights roommate, but I was quite get used to it though, saying “good bye” to friends. Everybody has its own story to write, doesn’t it?


Kristy and Craig on their blue uniform – the best couple


Ji Su, Gillian, me and Fren – thanks girls!

Yuki has one too. The friend she met at Vienna waited for her at the Royal Hotel! I saw the guy sitting on the bench outside a bar in the hotel, waiting for our bus, didn’t know for how long. And as soon as our bus stopped, he stood up trying to look for Yuki shadow. So her romance was to be continue … not by me! ^.*


Vihn Lee, Lee Lee, Yuki and her new friend ^.^

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